Who knew that a block of marble and a trove of data had so much in common?

Michelangelo’s David didn’t start as a magnificent sculpture. It was a hulking chunk of marble without any defined shape or purpose. But Michelangelo knew the potential. And with hammer and chisel in hand, he unlocked it.

At 113, our approach to data isn’t so different.

Using AI technology and a team of expert analysts, we survey innumerable online consumer conversations in order chip away and reveal only the most critical insights into target behavior. This strategic approach to cutting through the noise is the first step toward creating products the world actually wants to buy.

Simply put, we find the David in the Data.

What’s that sound?
Oh, just a million different voices speaking all at once.

That’s what it sounds like when you’re scouring blogs, forums and reviews or tracking digital conversations and online discussion from all corners of the web. Sure, a lot of it is just noise, but some of that dialogue is highly relevant to your brand. And by pairing Natural Language Processing Technology and Artificial Intelligence with a team of expert minds, we can extract the conversations that are most useful to you. That’s right, we’re talking about the type of chatter that can revitalize your brand or point to the revolutionary products your consumers have always wanted.

Our data enables
your company to hear
voices of consumers
across the globe

Science illuminating art.

It takes some powerful AI technology, Natural Language Processing and even IBM Watson to sift through all the discussion happening across the web and identify high value segments, unarticulated needs and compensating behaviors. This is how we begin forming the foundational insights that go into effective product innovation and brand marketing. Is it technical? Yes. Is it also brilliant? Most definitely.