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Read how a 113 Industries study on palm oil uncovered new audience opportunities for the industry


Exploring Emerging Trends in Color Cosmetics

The billion-dollar color cosmetics market is booming on a global scale. Helping to drive that growth are platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. By looking at insights shared by consumers online, one company aspired to attain a clearer picture of where color cosmetics trends are headed.



Crunching Consumer Data to Create a $100-Million Product

A fundamental problem in the world of consumer packaged goods (CPG) is that companies spend millions of dollars innovating and launching new products only to find that 92% of the time products fail to reach $50 million in revenue. One chocolate manufacturer sought a better path toward innovation.



Shifting Perceptions of Tuna Among Protein Eaters

For a brand looking to expand its reach and connect with new customers, understanding existing attitudes and everyday behaviors of specific segments is critical. By tapping into consumer insights, one CPG company transformed a sandwich staple and casserole ingredient into a “hero protein”.



Diagnosing How Consumers Define Quality Healthcare

With healthcare costs expected to rise by 6% in 2020, it’s more paramount than ever for hospitals to provide quality experiences for patients. But what does a quality experience entail? By examining consumer perceptions, one medical center found there’s more to quality care than a single definition.



Picking Up New Ways to Connect with Transit Riders

With the ride-sharing market expected to reach over $220 billion by 2025, mass transportation faces increasing competition for riders. With this key challenge in mind, one public transit system decided to take a new approach to drive its marketing and branding efforts moving forward.




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