The Modern Office Space

By: Luke Revitsky

When you think about the places you spend the most amount of time, one of them is almost certainly at the office. In the past, the office was a place where you have to show up everyday from 9 to 5 and put in your time, often times in a small cubicle. With a lack of space to make their own, it makes sense that the past workforce was unable to feel like they are making an impact on the business and to feel like they are part of the team or company.

As we have progressed in office layouts and designs over the years, the entire workplace dynamic has changed. Now spaces are more open and collaborative; creative ideas, white boards and bean bag chairs abound.

Now it is not enough to just have a desk to get your work done. It is not enough to have sparse decorations and standard office furniture. It is not enough to make sure people have all of the utensils and supplies needed. Employers have to provide more. One glance at the 113 office space below tells you that this is true.

Thanks to the influence of tech companies like Google and Facebook, employees expect expert designs with bold colors and creative workspaces and when looking for potential jobs — the workplace itself has much more weight than it has in the past. The whole work environment, including comfort, style and openness has to mesh with the vibe of the prospective employee or else they will select a job with another company.

At this point, the office location and features are so important when selecting your future employer that if you aren’t creating the ideal work space, you will lose out on the best talent in the workforce. This shift leads to the question: are we getting to the point where the office space itself has more impact on job decisions than salary?

Luke is an Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Technology. His talents include extensive binge-watching, travel planning, and knowing random trivia.