Take Your Dog to Work (Every)Day

By: Rebekah Mathes

In honor of the recent Take Your Dog to Work Day, I am doing everyone a favor by sharing why more and more companies are allowing their employees to have their best friends by their sides (or, desks, to be more specific).

Studies have found that sharing their office space with their furry companions decreases workers’ stress throughout their work day. Managers of these spaces have credited this incentive with increasing employees’ sense of work-life balance, potentially creating a calmer and more cooperative work environment. Pet-friendly companies are seeing more interaction among their team members around the office, with pet-less coworkers even enjoying having others’ playful friends around.

Google, Nestle’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Refinery29 are just a few of the forward-thinking companies that have jumped on the trend of dog-friendly offices. Thanks to Pittsburgh’s Smith Brothers Agency, our team has caught a glimpse of the fun of having four legged friends strolling around the office space, ready to greet you after a great brainstorming session. After seeing a little bit of what this company culture can be like and hearing how this can even increase employee productivity and morale, I’m hoping more companies decide to follow in their footsteps.

Rebekah is an Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Psychology. She spends her free time reading books, watching Netflix, and reading peoples’ minds.