Spending More On Travel? Social Media Might Be The Cause

By: Luke Revitsky

Spending more on travel? Social media might be the cause

At this point being a millennial in today’s society means that traveling and experiencing new cultures and cities is ingrained in our DNA. If you haven’t been to at least three different countries or been to New York City, Boston and Washington DC, people will look at you like you are speaking a different language. With this shift in culture, their spending is shifting and creating different concerns.

In a world where people will post anything online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pintrest, getting personalized travel recommendations has never been easier. The suggestions may not necessarily come from people that you know directly, but it’s not as important to know someone personally if the information that they provide is valuable. With the inherent trust that comes along with travel blogs and forums, people are able to explore new places in ways they never could have expected before.


The ease and popularity of travel is almost forcing millennials to spend more and more of their income flying to and exploring in new places around the world. Instead of saving this money or making larger purchasers like buying houses, millennials are more concerned with getting our next thrill or posting amazing sunsets on Instagram. This lack of worry about our future financial security is concerning for not only our futures but also the futures of our unborn children. Will our generation be able to adapt and have the best of both worlds?

Luke is an Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Technology. His talents include extensive binge-watching, travel planning, and knowing random trivia.