Smashing Away the Stress

Smashing the Stress Away

Overworked. Underworked. Worried. Exasperated. Stressed out. Angry. Frustrated.

Imagine losing your job of many years and feeling the ultimate outrage. Now imagine smashing one of those big old TVs you used to have in your living room with a bat. I bet you feel a little better now, right?

Job losses, precarious employment conditions and growing mental health concerns hit home all across the world. Just this week, several news articles discussed large numbers of layoffs throughout well known companies within the cable industry, private banking, and even numerous state employees. Job insecurity and loss can cause remarkable amounts of stress for otherwise happy, well-balanced people. This anxiety and anger, when not dealt with, can build up until something much more serious becomes a risk. This has led to unique innovations in therapeutic activities, as well as an increase in research revolving around individuals under high stress.

Last year, a Houston-based company, Tantrums LLC, created “Rage Rooms” – a safe space for people to unleash anger and frustrations, safely and legally. With a slogan of “Relaxation After Devastation”, Rage Rooms encourage stressed out people to come to their rooms filled with unwanted TVs, china, and anything else they can find, suit up with protective gear and smash their stress away. The owner of Tantrums LLC, Shawn Baker, has said that some of the attendees tell her they choose to use these rooms as a form of therapy.

Other companies have found their own unique ways of dealing with stress such as bringing dogs to work, providing classes on being Zen and mindful, or providing one-on-one coaching to help employees learn to manage their stress easily. These companies are working hard to continue to evolve the experiences their employees have, and take a larger role in making sure employees are happy and compensated beyond salary and healthcare benefits.
These innovations mark a very positive trend in both the workplace standard and healthcare overall; with creative new techniques addressing the mental state of employees, companies are creating environments that not only create an open space for discussion, but make employees feel supported in even the most volatile times.