Siri, Make My Shopping Addiction Even Easier

“Siri, Make My Shopping Addiction Even Easier”
By: Rachel Wozniak

Although most of the excitement surrounded firework texting, sending cute virtual kisses, and the ability to “like” someone’s text message, some other new iPhone features are paving the path for game-changing shopping and ordering behaviors

Last week, Apple released its newest operating system, iOS10, which caused quite a stir among users. One new feature in particular created more than just a hyper-engaged text conversation or handier photo organization – it allowed integration of a variety of third-party apps with Siri. For example, when ordering an Uber, you can simply ask Siri to order a car without ever even leaving the lock screen. Forgot to split that Uber with a friend? No worries – you can also ask Siri to Venmo them with ease as well.

As convenient as these features may be, what is curious is that Apple has limited this to only six types of apps: ride booking, messaging, photo search, payments, VoIP calling (IE: Skype) and workouts. The list seems to leave out an integral category that could make purchasing and online shopping an even more seamless experience – retail and delivery services.

Since the integration already allows payments via Siri, there is likely the ability to make purchases through a lock-screen voice-command as well. The possibilities seem endless – “Siri, order me a new iPhone charger from the Apple Store and send it to my house,” “Siri, I need a refill of the perfume I last ordered from Macy’s” or even “Siri, order a large pepperoni pizza from Domino’s to Sarah’s House.”

Amazon has attempted to make online shopping as quick and effortless as possible with its (not-so-successful) Dash buttons and 1-Click purchasing. Although it can be done free of a digital device, less than half of consumers who bought a Dash button actually made a purchase with it, and those who have complain that prices change and they end up taking the time to go online and research. With 1-Click purchases, consumers do save the time and effort of going through the checkout; however, they must be on their device and, often, actively browsing.

The ability to just ask Siri to make price comparisons, order from your favorite stores, and get your dinner delivered would help consumers more easily make these purchases and with fewer steps to sway them out of their decision (for that Game of Thrones throw blanket they just HAD to have). Additionally, using the logic behind the Dash button, users could order whatever they needed in the same moment that they thought of it, eliminating many forgotten Reminders and Shopping Lists; with the speed of delivery and the growing usage of drones, consumers will be able to have these products within hours, maybe even minutes, of asking Siri.

Although there are some potential drawbacks that would need to be addressed, such as privacy, security and the ability of Siri to recognize specific products, there is a very strong possibility that this spoken digital retail will soon take off, as phones are becoming more and more our personal assistants that can accomplish our whole to-do list just by listening carefully. It will be interesting to watch this grow and to see what stores will lead the pack and how this will affect the future of mobile shopping.

Rachel is a Senior Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Spanish-language analysis. She is also an online shopping extraordinaire, Lion King enthusiast and can be spotted running around the City of Bridges. 

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