Pittsburgh Penguins Recruit IBM Watson and 113 Industries to Enhance Fan Experience

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113 Industries’ “Pi” service powered by IBM Watson to deliver highly customized offerings for fans

PITTSBURGH, PA – 21 Oct 2015: 113 Industries, a scientific research and innovation company, today announced that the Pittsburgh Penguins are using the company’s “Pi” service, powered by IBM Watson, to help transform the fan experience before, during and after each home game. The Penguins are using 113’s “Pi” service to analyze large volumes of fan-based data to develop specialized offers and services that would create an unprecedented game night experience during their visit to the CONSOL Energy Center.

“Pi” is based on 113’s proprietary technology platform that uses IBM’s Watson cognitive computing capabilities and natural language APIs to analyze large volumes of consumer data, extract patterns and discover key insights that lead to new, highly adoptable products and services.

“The use of Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities enables us to analyze millions of data elements to identify and connect consumers’ attitudes and values to behavior and engagement at a scale not possible earlier”, says Anupam Singh, President, 113 Industries.

Consumers and sports fans are accustomed to on-demand customized offerings delivered on time and cost-effectively. We have seen major industries such as hospitality, transportation and E-commerce shift to this model, and sports and entertainment are doing it as well. In an effort to better serve their fans, the Pittsburgh Penguins plan to leverage the “Pi” service based on sophisticated analytics and cognitive computing  to customize the experience of attending a game at  CONSOL Energy Center –  from the time  fans purchase their tickets to their time in the arena and their use of concessions, merchandising and pregame/postgame entertainment.

The Penguins plan to apply the insights gleaned from this technology to tap into the millennial generation, a growing demographic in the city of Pittsburgh given the rise in technology brands in the city. Creating specific offerings and programs aligned to these “new” Pittsburghers will help grow the fan base and help these millennials connect and share the experience of enjoying their beloved Penguins with other fans.

“The Pittsburgh Penguins have a very passionate fan base, and by using 113 Industries’ “Pi” service, powered by Watson, we look forward to developing service offerings that would give every fan experiencing  a game at the CONSOL Energy Center a one of a kind engaging event,” says James Santilli, VP of Marketing for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

113 Industries works with Fortune 500 companies, but the Penguins are its first NHL team. “We are delighted the Pittsburgh Penguins are using this “Pi” service to identify the key attributes and needs of their fans to develop service offerings that would drive greater satisfaction,” says Razi Imam, CEO,113 Industries.

About 113 Industries:
113 Industries works with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Hershey, Ocean Spray, Colgate and two of the largest beverage companies in the world to help them innovate their next generation products. 113 Industries uses proprietary Cognitive Computing platform technology with Big Data and Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze over a million consumer conversations related to consumption behaviors. This process generates an accurate profile of the consumers, their compensating behaviors and most importantly their unarticulated needs. These are powerful needs and when satisfied drive immediate adoption of products and services by consumers. Some of their recent product ideas generated by this process are the fastest growing products in the consumer package goods industries.

IBM Watson: Pioneering a New Era of Computing

Watson is the first open cognitive computing technology platform and represents a new era in computing where systems understand the world in the way that humans do: through senses, learning, and experience. Watson continuously learns, gaining in value and knowledge over time, from previous interactions. With the help of Watson, organizations are harnessing the power of cognitive computing to transform industries, help professionals do their jobs better, and solve important challenges.

To advance Watson, IBM has two dedicated business units: Watson, established for the development of cloud-delivered cognitive computing technologies that represent the commercialization of “artificial intelligence” or “AI” across a variety of industries, and Watson Health, dedicated to improving the ability of doctors, researchers and insurers and other related health organizations to surface new insights from data to and deliver personalized healthcare.

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