How Can Diversity Have a Positive Impact on Your Company?

By: Nick Brenner

People tend to surround themselves with people who they feel are similar to them. We are comfortable with people who have similar views, backgrounds, interests, and anything else that make us who we are. The problem with this is that it does not push us to see things from a different perspective. Being able to have discussions with people with various backgrounds allows us to learn more about the world and makes us grow with these new experiences.

In a work setting, this diversity can have many positive effects on the productivity and the culture of the company. People coming from different backgrounds can offer a wide range of talent and skills for a company. Not only can it help the individual in their role, but it can also add to the skills that the rest of the team is exposed to, providing increased opportunities to learn and grow from peers.

Diversity can also lead to stronger creativity and innovation. Different backgrounds and experiences give people unique ways of thinking, allowing for a variety of perspectives and attitudes when discussing ideas. If your entire team has the same background, you may rob your company of an outsider perspective that can push the boundaries and enter the realm of true creativity.

Not only will diversity help the actual work of a company, but it will also make hiring easier by having a larger talent pool to choose from. A company that seeks out diversity will be attractive to more people and find opportunities in a wider variety of applicants. This technique allows for companies to not only fill positions with the skills they sought, but also discover new talent they may not have realized they needed.

Although it may take time to get out of our comfort zones, diversity is a great start to accepting and appreciating the differences between people. In the workplace, the advantages are numerous, and will only help creativity and productivity. Companies that put diversity and acceptance at the forefront of their business will see the benefits of their actions in the work, company culture, and employee morale.

Nick is an Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Strategy. He is also an expert millennial, watcher of sports, and Lady Gaga fanatic.