Friends Who Sweat Together, Instagram it?

Friends Who Sweat Together, Instagram it?

By: Rebekah Mathes

It’s that time of year again! That time where we realize we’ve pretty much run out of time to get in shape for summer. The season of shorts, cute sundresses, and of course — the dreaded bathing suit (just kidding! Sort of).

Personal health and fitness sounds like just that, personal. People choose their own diets and nutrition goals in the same way they choose their gym or workout routines — in a way that works best for them. But like nearly all other activities and conversations have become, there is an added social media element for many.

“Social exercise apps” are workout apps, like Nike+, that connect to social media, allowing everyone to automatically share running stats and goal achievements with their Facebook or Twitter friends. Other similar sharing apps, like FitBit or PumpUp, give users a way to find motivation and inspiration from connecting friends and family, while others can find a support system in a community of people they’ve never even met.

I’ve heard my friends talk about looking at their Discover page on Instagram, and seeing it covered with #healthy eating and exercise #transformation photos. It is quickly becoming the norm to post results from changing lifestyles onto social media for your friends and networks to see. Like every other topic out there, the opinion on sharing these results differ. Despite whatever opinion you may have it is prominent that physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle are now a shared experience.

As this trend continues and people are becoming even more inspired to shift into healthy lifestyles by their social media, it will be interesting to see whether “Transformation Tuesday” type posts are motivating people as much as the number on the scale or the tightness of their pants.

The 113 crew has taken it upon ourselves to try and eat healthier and get fit together. Just like everyone else, we take little steps first such as bringing in healthy snacks for the office and have even ventured outside of our comfort zones by trying a Barre class (and posting a picture of it). We’ve realized that working out can be as fun and social as it is healthy and rewarding. So get out there, grab your friends and get your sweat on!

Rebekah is an Associate at 113 Industries, specializing in Consumer Insights and Psychology. She spends her free time reading books, watching Netflix, and reading peoples’ minds.