Can Rapid Commercial Prototyping Rekindle Your Love for Product Innovation?


Do you no longer love your product line like you did in the early days? Do the markets take a blind eye to your offerings? Are sales stagnant? Perhaps there is a total lack of buzz for your product offerings?

In another lifetime, it seems, I anonymously penned articles for a dating website. At the time, I knew next to nothing about dating. I had, however, a notional sense, that perhaps those that struggled at dating did so because they totally lacked the perspective of what success looks like in this department. After all, if you are good at relationships, then there is a pretty good chance you got hitched somewhere along the way and you soon forgot what it was like to struggle. You were, dare I say, a victim of your own success!

Yet, within you, still lies the keys to your ultimate success.

In a similar sense, the marketing relationship you have with your products is no different than the relationships you have had on the dating scene, or the relationship you have in a marriage for that matter.

In the early days, you eagerly innovated to win the affection of your soul mate. You were good at it too. You were willing to do whatever it took to beat the competition and you succeeded because you discovered what worked. Over the years you stayed with what worked, because, well, it worked. Why change? Why fix what ain’t broke, as the saying goes.

Similarly, you got married to your current product line, because at one time, you were in love with it too. That relationship worked. After all, your company weathered the good times and bad – and your existing products carried the day. Profits were made. Awards were hung on the walls. More importantly, you delighted your customers. There was no compelling need to change.

But, things changed anyway. They always do.

The markets have moved on and your soulmate has grown restless. You got the marketing itch now. You find yourself looking more and more at sexier younger products in the market. You are becoming, dare I say, product curious. Your products seem, well, boring to you now; not as attractive as they once were? So what should you do?

First, take a deep breath. There is a way to spice up your product line and reconstitute that old magic. It is possible to recapture those halcyon days when you and your products were like two love birds that drew the envy of the markets. After all, you still have the key to success – remember?

The key is innovation.

You need to start innovating again. You need to keep innovating too, so you don’t fall behind or fall out of love – ever again! You need to always be innovating to keep the markets smiling upon you. In fact, you need continuous innovation to be part of your new organizational makeup.

But, Innovation is risky, you say. Innovation takes time, you clamor. Innovation costs a lot of money and requires tons of resources, and you can’t afford to be risky like you were in your younger wilder days!

What if I told you that you could innovate more quickly and affordably in a way that minimized the risks you are now so averse to taking? Would you want to learn more? Would you sit through that presentation?

It is time then that you learn about Rapid Commercial Prototyping and how it can help you innovate with minimal risk and less costs than traditional approaches to innovation. In fact, within 90 days, Rapid Commercial Prototyping can help you do the following:

  • Go from concept to build rapidly
  • Mitigate the risk of prototyping your new products, by leveraging a distributed network of entrepreneurs, data scientists, engineers, industrial designers and product innovators – all with incentives to lend their skills and expertise
  • Access a smartly connected, distributed network of over 1,200 commercial manufacturing shops with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Create prototypes Designed for Manufacturing (DFM) and a seamless transition to commercial scale production
  • Leverage the power of experienced entrepreneurs to provide oversight and direction for your next generation of product innovations

The power of Rapid Commercial Prototyping lies in its decentralized structure, which then distributes your innovation efforts across a vast network of interconnected resources. Costs are scaled downward for you, because they are mitigated across an incentivized network each working to deliver a certain part of your next product innovation – from product insights, manufacturing process innovations, re-imagined purposes for your existing products, identified new products that your customers want and demand, and much more.

Now then, is there a twinkle in your eye? Do you suddenly feel younger? Are you ready to innovate again? Is it time to recapture the magic? Are you ready to fall in love – all over again?

Ready To Rekindle The Magic?