Bridging the Online and Retail Shopping Divide


Facebook just upped the ante in an effort to make it easier for brands to use online ads to drive traffic to physical retail stores: Facebook encourages visits to physical retailers through customizable ads to local inventory

With this most recent announcement of Dynamic ads for retail, Facebook has now countered Google’s Product Listing/Local Inventory Ads capability. Both these giants and a host of digital ad technologies are continuing to bridge the gap between digital and brick and mortar shopping experience. Brands and advertisers now get another tool in their arsenal.

It will be interesting to see if knowing that there are only 2 Adidas Polo shirts in my size available at the Ross Park Mall Macy’s will actually entice me to drive to the store and pick it up. This is a well-established technique with proven efficacy in getting consumers to respond. To further facilitate this, they could also serve me the ad NOT ONLY telling me that there are only 2 left at the store BUT ALSO giving me the option to click and buy online right away. And, if they really used all the information they have on me, they might serve that ad to my wife a week from my birthday suggesting it as a birthday gift for me! Now that is a topic for another day…