Scandium (Symbol Sc, atomic number 21) is a rare earth metal used in high performance alloys and materials.

Scandium is also the name for the toolset 113 Industries has built for its analysts to process and analyze hundreds of thousands of social media conversations for the rare nuggets of information they contain. It uses proprietary implementations of various Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and algorithms. We have analyzed various Frequency driven approaches (such as TF-IDF and SumBasic), semantic approaches and graph based methods for Text Summarization to auto-generate important summaries for our analysts. Scandium implements workflows to help our analysts filter the conversations in multiple ways, identify and tag the insights, trends and compensating behaviors.

Working hand-in-hand with other tools we have licensed, Scandium gives us an unprecedented ability to collect and analyze millions of social media conversations. This enables us to give you the insights, compensating behaviors and unarticulated needs that can help you create breakthrough innovations.

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