113 Industries is a technology driven services company. Our main asset is our team, but we leverage technology to help us do our jobs better. We use the latest research and technologies to help us collect and analyze millions of conversations on social media. We are firm believers in using the right tools for the job and do not suffer from the “Not Invented Here” syndrome.

Wherever possible (e.g. collecting historical data from blogs and websites and the ever-increasing number of social media platforms), we leverage tools and partners that do this and do this well. We have created our own tools and workflow to quickly and efficiently process these vast amounts of information and uncover the most valuable and actionable information, whether it is trends, behaviors, unarticulated needs or the personalities and values of individual consumers or segments of consumers.

IBM Watson

113 Industries is an IBM Watson™ Ecosystem partner. We have built our own proprietary platform on IBM Watson’s Personality Insights to analyze information on a scale that previously was not possible. This enables us to deliver our CDDI Pi, delivered by Watson™ service, to help our customers increase client acquisition, help with customer retention, and drive customer engagement. Learn More


Scandium (Symbol Sc, atomic number 21) is a rare earth metal used in high performance alloys and materials. Scandium is also the name for the toolset 113 Industries has built for its analysts to process and evaluate hundreds of thousands of social media conversations for the rare nuggets of information they contain. Learn More