Evergreen Cognitive Data-Driven Insights

Evergreen CDDI is a service which uses our Cognitive Data-Driven Insights (CDDI) process to monitor, track and report periodically on specific trends of interest to you.


Through the CDDI process, we provide our clients with relevant data, trends and behaviors over a large volume of consumers that is simply not possible by traditional immersive research or focus groups. We also extract compensating behaviors (or workarounds) consumers are doing to solve their every day product problems, and the unique white spaces that exist within the category. The process mixes sociology, marketing, advertising, and consumer behavior for designing breakthrough products and services.

In Evergreen CDDI, we focus our attention on specific trends of interest. It is quite common for consumers to be enamored with something (could be an ingredient, a style, a packaging idea etc.) for a while but quickly move on to the next “soup du jour”. How do you identify if a trend is, in fact, a fad? This service is designed to do just that. We analyze the trends over a period of time going as far back as more than a couple of years and we monitor it continuously for you. We then compile the analysis on the behaviors of the consumers and tell you whose these consumers are (Consumer Profiles and Segmentation) and whether the consumer segments are changing over time.

We compile and report the findings every Quarter or a frequency that you want. Every report will include a comparison of the trends and behaviors with every prior reporting period. 113 Industries will assign a specific analyst focused on this project and an Account Manager.