Consumer Behavior Modelingsddi-icon

A new approach that analyzes large volumes of social media data (blogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, forums and more) to find consumer needs and consumer segments that drive the development of breakthrough products and services for Fortune 500 companies. We do what is traditionally done by immersive research and focus groups, however, we do this based on unprompted social conversations using the power of Big Data and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to do it on a scale unmatched by any other process or tool! Learn More

Consumer Behavior Modeling PI 

Using the power of IBM Watson, 113 Industries is able to develop detailed personality profiles with over 50 personality attributes, 5 Value Systems and 12 Needs of our customer’s consumers. According to the latest studies in consumer growth, the digital consumer is the fastest growing segment in the CPG space. Learn More

Evergreen CBMevgr-sddi-icon

This service tracks the changing trends of consumers over time. It helps our CPG customers identify the real trends from media and market hype. This service tracks consumer behavior over periods going as far back as 27 months and provides quarterly updates on consumer behaviors and changes in trends. Learn More

dtw-iconDesign Thinking Product Innovation

Design Thinking Product Innovation creates comprehensive, actionable products, offerings and strategies that are based on consumer’s unarticulated needs. 113 Industries Design Thinking Product Innovation takes our clients through carefully crafted research, the best Design Thinking tools and expert facilitation. Learn More