Some of the companies that we’ve helped find their Unarticulated Needs:

Adidas Golf

A sporty company known to dress and gear up some of the most well-known athletes is looking for insights to help optimize it's fitness gear.

Ainsworth Pet Food

A furry companion friendly CPG brand known for its excellence in safety philosophy, and commitment to providing the best high quality foods for dogs and cats, came to us looking for insights into the minds of pet owners.


A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company known for more than just its meds. We are currently working with them to develop insights that could help innovate game changers in the allergy and supplements space.


A Fortune 500 CPG company specializing in too many products to count. We have worked with them on multiple occasions to uncover insights, develop strategies and conduct innovation workshops.

Firehouse Subs

A sub shop known for indulgence and quality looks for insights into how to gain market in more demand moments throughout the day.

Giant Eagle

A Pittsburgh-based supermarket chain serving more than 5 million customers across 400 retail locations in in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indian and Maryland, we are working with them to develop insights and uncover whitespaces for product and market growth.


Our relationship with the famous ketchup maker was grown, not made. One of our first customers, a CPG brand known and loved by its home city of Pittsburgh, has come to us many times as a partner looking for insights into the world of frozen meal consumption.


Makers of the great American chocolate bar, this CPG Company known for its confectionary treats and delicious snacks is a repeat client that has come to us for several business development endeavors that will change the confectionary aisle.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

America’s pet nutrition experts since 1939, we have worked with this Fortune 500 pet nutrition company to uncover insights into how consumers make sure their furry friends get the best nutrition.

Johnson & Johnson

A fortune 500 company whose products go far beyond just baby products. They came to us looking for insights around consumers' dermacare and hair care routines.

Keurig Green Mountain

A Fortune 500 company that changed the coffee game. We have worked with them to develop strategic insights and uncover white spaces where they can continue to innovate.


Ocean Spray

A grower-owned juice company unmatched in its quality of product, came to us looking for a partner to develop strategic recommendations in the beverage space.

Pittsburgh Penguins

A championship boasting, and locally inspiring, professional hockey team with a reputation for being the best in the NHL. We are currently working with them to develop strategic insights that could change the game for their ticket sales.

Procter and Gamble

A Fortune 500 conglomerate whose products we guarantee are somewhere in your house. We are currently working with them to develop strategic insights and uncover whitespaces for innovation in the hair care market.

Ruby Tuesday

A popular casual restaurant that has a reputation for family and quality is looking for a way to differentiate themselves from other restaurants that consumers see as similar in the market.

S.C. Johnson

Much more than just "A Family Company," this Fortune 500 company is looking for ways to make cleaners and pest control even safer through insights and the white spaces that are uncovered.


This well-known Pittsburgh-based medical company is constantly looking for solutions that will improve the health-care of their patients. They came to us to truly understand the different segments in the healthcare market.

J.M. Smucker's

With products like jams, peanut butter and cookies, this CPG company puts its consumers' fun and happiness first. They came to us looking for the next breakthrough innovation to solve consumers' current unmet needs.

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