113 Industries is a technology-driven services company that analyzes enormous volumes of social media data to find consumer needs that drive the development of game changing products and services for Fortune 500 companies.

We do what is traditionally done by immersive research and focus groups but we do it based on unprompted social conversations and we use the power of Big Data and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to do it at a scale unmatched by any other process or tool!

Through social listening we uncover consumer behaviors, needs and white spaces. Using these behaviors, needs and strategies and applying the discipline of Design Thinking, we help our customers innovate and create actionable plans to develop new products and services that are instantly adopted and lead to immediate success for our clients.

Our Story

In 2010, when Fortune 500 companies were going through trying times in the areas of innovation, 113 Industries was launched by two serial entrepreneurs, Razi Imam and Anupam Singh. Together, they have assembled a dream team of creativity and engineering to address this space.

113 Industries has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, OceanSpray, and Colgate and helped them innovate their next generation products based on a novel Social Design-Driven Innovation process. Unlike traditional innovation processes based on consumer panels and focus groups, we use proprietary Big Data and Natural Language Processing algorithms to analyze large volumes of consumer conversations related to consumption behaviors. This process generates an accurate profile of the consumers, their compensating behaviors and most importantly, their unarticulated needs. These are powerful needs and when satisfied, they drive immediate adoption of products by consumers. We have successfully delivered over 22 projects in the last three years and are directly responsible for several breakthrough products. One of them is considered to be a $100M idea for a leading beverage company. It is the most successful product launch in the history of that company.

Culturally 113 Industries is a combination of “Play, Create, and Deliver Excellence”. We pride ourselves on developing a diverse group of associates, managers and executives comprising of different ages and professional, personal and cultural backgrounds. From grey haired experienced professionals to highly energetic and passionate millennials, we cover all the bases and our team members are the true “secret sauce” to our operation.

113 has become more than a group of consultants, we are our clients’ partners in crime, their confidants. We work to develop a relationship with our clients that lasts for years. Our projects don’t simply end with the delivery of the insights and strategical recommendations. We strive to work with our clients to ensure that these findings lead to actionable next steps.