Cognitive Data-Driven Insights ™

Cognitive Data-Driven Insights is built upon the concepts from Robert Verganti, author of Design-Driven Innovation book; the concept that radical innovation comes when a company figures out the unarticulated needs of their customers. These needs are not generally stumbled upon in focus groups


Design Thinking Product Innovation

The Design Thinking Product Innovation creates comprehensive and actionable products, offerings and strategies that are based on consumer's unarticulated Needs. The Product Innovation takes our clients through carefully crafted research, the best Design Thinking tools and expert facilitation.


Cognitive Data-Driven Insights Pi ™

“Pi” is based on 113’s proprietary technology platform that uses IBM’s Watson cognitive computing capabilities and natural language APIs to analyze large volumes of consumer data, extract patterns and discover key insights that lead to new, highly adoptable products and services.

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“Siri, Make My Shopping Addiction Even Easier” By: Rachel Wozniak Although most of the excitement surrounded firework texting, sending cute virtual kisses, and the ability to “like” someone’s text message, some other new iPhone features are paving the path for game-changing shopping and ordering…


Bridging the Online and Retail shopping divide

Facebook just upped the ante in an effort to make it easier for brands to use online ads to drive traffic to physical retail stores: Facebook encourages visits to physical retailers through customizable ads to local inventory…


Instagram’s New Feature Attempts to Combat Bullying

My morning routine is pretty standard: gym, breakfast, work. But before any of this comes the most important part of my morning — checking social media. I look at Twitter for the groundbreaking news I might have missed between midnight and 8am, scroll through Instagram to see if anyone was posting…